Welcome to the School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS)

As a student in Athabasca University's School of Computing and Information Systems Programs, you will tap into the knowledge and experience of faculty members who are dedicated to creating online courses that bring relevant and up-to-date computing and information systems education to the student in highly flexible and convenient ways. Students and academics work together to share ideas and learn both individually and collaboratively. Our faculty's wide range of academic and research expertise continuously drives the development of new curriculum and ensures that your experience is both highly relevant and engaging.

SCIS offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in online mode:

These programs offer you the opportunity to learn in a flexible way as well as, the skills to be competitive in the demanding and ever-changing field of Information Technology.  Our graduates are self-motivated, analytical thinkers who possess a vast knowledge in IT and the skills to enrich any team.  These students standout in a crowd for their leadership and creative problem solving skills.

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