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Athabasca University

University Certificate in Computing and Information Systems (UCCIS)

The University Certificate in Computing and Information Systems is designed to provide a solid educational base in information systems, to be the equivalent of a minor in Information Systems, and to qualify students for employment opportunities.

UCCIS program features

  1. Our UCCIS program is specially designed for students who want to quickly get a credential in IT in order to find a job in the IT industry, or just to have taste of the computing and information discipline before embarking on their study for a full university degree
  2. All credits completed for UCCIS can be used towards BSc-CIS, if a student wants to further pursue a university degree.
  3. Balanced curriculum: UCCIS is aimed to strike a balance between computing science and information system design and development, a balance between theories and applications. Flexibility: Since all courses required for completing the program are delivered online in a self-paced mode, students can study whenever and wherever they like, which means they can take the program while fulltime employed; they can study less when they are busy at work, and spend more time on courses when they are on leave from work or on holidays. Students can complete a course within just few weeks, or take up to a year with paid extensions.
  4. Technology empowerment: Courses required for completing the program are delivered through modern computing and e-learning technology and systems, which are continuously being developed and enhanced.
  5. Help and mentorship: From the beginning of their program studies, help and mentorship are available to students from a variety of sources such as program director, program advisors, professors and tutors. Students have the maximum freedom in their learning schedule and learning style, but they are not alone.
  6. Interactions: For every course, a tutor is assigned to each student. Students can interact with the tutor for everything related to the course content. Timely responses can be expected from tutors in all cases. Through course forums and other computer mediated communication utilities, students in the same course can interact with each other for help and sharing ideas.

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