Title: Semantically-enabled e-Learning

Principal Investigator: Dr. Dragan Gasevic

Grant Provider: CIDA

Amount: $9,900

Duration: 2008

Abstract: The project will seek to build a sustainable Canada-Serbia research community in the domain of semantically enabled e-learning (e.g., identified EU as the future of technology enhanced learning in its roadmap for 2007-2013) among research institutions. Following the success of the previous two PTP II funded projects, which enabled us to produce the world-class research in the area, highly cited and recognized in the community, this project has main the goals to: i) explore opportunities for deployment and evaluation of the produced research results in Serbia.s local environment; ii) get involved other research institutions and determine potential for new alliances and modes of collaboration; iii) define a long term agenda that will facilitate a sustainable research community. The project will include follow-up activities that were identified in the project reports:

  • a two day workshop with faculty members interested in spreading the use of and improvement of distance learning and e-learning practices in Serbia;
  • organize working meetings with the local research groups working on technology enhanced learning in order to learn more about the research activities in this domain at the University of Belgrade and boarder Serbian research and educational environment;
  • identify common research interests and set up plans for collaborative research activities;