Title: Modeling Policies in e-learning Systems

Grant: $7,000 from Athabasca University Mission Critical Grant

Duration: 2007-2008

Summary: Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is a widely-known approach to design the processes and behavior of a large system through using meta-models and modeling languages, without being concerned about the underlying platform and language intricacies. Educational systems, as largely adopted technologies for engendering and improving learning processes, also make use of MDE techniques. IMS Learning Design (IMS LD) and SCORM are examples of the efforts in this area. These languages can then be combined with other software modeling languages (e.g. UML for software design and BPEL for business process modeling) to speed up the process of designing large educational systems. This project targets the design of a general modeling language for policies to be used by learning design authors as well as combining the policy language with already used learning design languages. Having such a language defined and developed, a learning design process author, or any other system designer, would be able to model the authentication, authorization, or privacy policies compliant with other system modules.