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Athabasca University

Research Area Information:

Main Research Area: Web-enabled Applications and Services
Total Project 16
Total Funding 4,764,384
Total Number of Faculty Involved 0
Total Number of Research Assistants Involved 0
Source Name Total Funding
Faculty Researcher(s)
Research Areas
adaptive learning systemartificial intelligence and educationblogs
co-regulated learningcognitive modellingcommunity information management
computational models of learning analyticscomputer game interfacescomputer-supported collaborative learning
computer-supported cooperative workcomputing techniques for learning analyticsdata mining
data, skill, competency, and knowledgedesign (principles and guidelines, process, applications)design of web systems
digital librariese-educatione-instructional design
entertainment computingevaluation issues (methods, usability, experience)game-based learning
human-based issues (perception, cognition, affect)immersive systemsimpact (humans, work, organization, society, culture, international)
information visualizationinteractive technologies (visual, information display)knowledge representation and reasoning
learning intervention, privacy, and ethicsmechanism designmixed initiatives
mobile and ubiquitous computingmobile learningmobile technologies
model-driven architecture and developmentmulti-modal user interactionnatural language understanding
NLPontologiesorganisational vs. individual learning
personalisation and adaptivitypersonalizationrealtime feedback
requirementsself-regulated learningsemantic web
semi- and unstructured dataservice-oriented architecturessocial computing
social impactsocial mediasocial networks
software architecturesoftware product linestechnology-enhanced learning
the participants and their roles (end user, IS professional)theories of learning analyticsusability engineering
user adaptive interactionuser interface design and evaluationuser modelling
virtual realityvisualisation and interactionweb services
Project Name Start Date End Date Total Funding
NSERC/iCORE/Xerox/Markin Industrial Research Chair in Adaptivity and Personalization in Informatics2010-04-012015-03-312,280,000
A MAS Framework for Developing 3D Learning Environments2009-11-152014-11-1533,400
Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Semantic Technologies2009-01-012013-12-31500,000
Reasoning Capability of Intelligent Agents for Adaptive Learning2008-04-012013-04-0175,000
Social Spaces2009-10-012012-09-01460,000
Model-Driven Development of Families of Semantically-enabled Service-oriented Architectures2009-01-012011-12-31288,860
Virtual Programming Lab for Web-based Distance Education2010-04-012011-06-306,000
Educational Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game For Teaching Youth Finance2010-10-012011-03-315,816
A Semantics-enhanced Adaptive System in the Workplace Learning2010-08-202011-01-3166,667
Deriving Semantics from Learning Contexts2001-01-012011-01-0110,000
Infrastructure for Research in Semantic Technologies2009-01-012011-01-0174,918
Dynamic Learning Content Adaptation using a Software Product Line Approach2010-04-012010-09-306,000
Computerized Method of Assessing Open-ended Questions2009-10-012010-03-315,823
Bringing Technology to Market - Lyryx Learning & Athabasca University Online Learning Project2009-07-012010-03-2067,000
Semantically-enabled e-Learning2008-05-012008-05-319,900

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