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Name: Ontology-based Development of Ubiquitous Software Systems
Abstract     Ubiquitous management of personal information, that allows people to manage their personal information regardless of the type of the device and software system they use, is a key goal for user-centered learning environments. To achieve this, sound software techniques are needed to enable the broader development and use of mobile systems for personal information management. Existing approaches do not enable the adaptive selection and composition of different software services (or components) based on user goals and device capabilities. This project addresses this concern by combining software product lines (a proven software engineering approach) with Semantic Web ontologies (a technology for knowledge sharing). In particular, we employ ontologies to model user goals for the services and capabilities of different delivery media (e.g. mobile devices). Because ontologies are based on description logic, we can use ontology reasoning during the process of service composition while deploying services on different types of delivery platforms.
Start Date 2008-10-15
End Date 2009-03-31
Research Areas
knowledge representation and reasoningmobile and ubiquitous computingmodel-driven architecture and development
ontologiessemantic webservice-oriented architectures
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