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Name: An Interchange and Reasoning Framework for Policy Models
Abstract     The recent research results in the area of Web engineering and promising technologies such as Semantic Web, Web 2.0, and Web services offer many benefits for more advance levels in information and knowledge management on the Web in general, and Web-based education, in particular. While these technologies are doubtless about how to change today’s Web experience with more intelligent, scalable, and personalized services, an important question rises - how to regulate the behavior of different parties when sharing information, and consequently, protect security and privacy on the Web. This problem is usually addressed by using policies. However, if policies are not integrated into the design of Web-based education applications, the quality of security and privacy assurance can significantly diminish. To address this problem, the project leverages the principles of a novel software engineering discipline, Model-Driven Engineering – MDE, as a promising approach that allows for integrating policies with software modeling languages at design time and at the same level of abstraction. The project uses the Policy Modeling Language (PML), which we designed for modeling policies in educational systems, and develops a policy interchange and reasoning infrastructure for PML. This infrastructure enables interchanging PML policies with different policy and rule languages, and consequently, deploying policy models on rule languages (e.g., Alloy) that can analyze and execute policies. The main benefit of this infrastructure is that we will be able to verify policies at design time (as a part of software models), and to execute them in deployed applications at run-time.
Start Date 2009-04-01
End Date 2009-09-01
Research Areas
data security and privacyknowledge representation and reasoningmodel-driven architecture and development
service-oriented architecturestechnology-enhanced learningverification
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