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Name: Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Semantic Technologies
Abstract     A variety of software technologies are integral to modern distance education. They are needed to support core parts of the educational process such as authoring and collaboration; but, they may exist in isolated .islands., where knowledge resources cannot be easily shared. This research develops a set of novel semantic technologies that will allow for unique ways of knowledge sharing with the goal of helping learners and educators in many key aspects such as user-user and user-content interaction, personalization, and context-awareness. At the same time, it will support software engineers in developing software systems that better understand and respond to user needs. In collaboration with leading academic and industrial researchers, this research will train a pool of highly qualified software engineers and educational technologists in semantic technologies and provide educational institutions, high tech industries and government organizations with novel semantic technologies to produce innovative synergies among various types of knowledge resources and software services.
Start Date 2009-01-01
End Date 2013-12-31
Research Areas
artificial intelligence and educationco-regulated learningcomputing techniques for learning analytics
model-driven architecture and developmentontologiesrequirements
self-regulated learningsemantic websemantic web
service-oriented architecturessocial computingsocial computing
social mediasocial networkssoftware product lines
technology-enhanced learninguser modellingvisualisation and interaction
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