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Athabasca University

Project Information

Name: Social Spaces
Abstract     This is the project behind Athabasca Landing (, a social networking site supporting social ties, formal learning, non-formal learning and informal learning at Athabasca University. It involves the investigation and creation of tools, processes and methods to build controllable social spaces for learning.
Start Date 2009-10-01
End Date 2012-09-01
Research Areas
adaptive learning systemblogsco-regulated learning
community information managementcomputational models of learning analyticscomputer-supported collaborative learning
computer-supported cooperative workcomputing techniques for learning analyticsdata, skill, competency, and knowledge
design (principles and guidelines, process, applications)design of web systemse-education
e-instructional designe-learninge-portfolio
evaluation issues (methods, usability, experience)human-based issues (perception, cognition, affect)impact (humans, work, organization, society, culture, international)
information visualizationlearning intervention, privacy, and ethicsmobile learning
multi-modal user interactionorganisational vs. individual learningpersonalisation and adaptivity
self-regulated learningsocial computingsocial computing
social impactsocial mediasocial networks
software architecturetechnology-enhanced learningtheories of learning analytics
user adaptive interactionuser interface design and evaluationvisualisation and interaction
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Faculty Researcher(s)

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