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Athabasca University

Project Information

Name: iPhone Client Mobile Application Development of Mobile Virtual Campus System for Adaptive Mobile learning
Abstract     A collaborative mobile learning system: Mobile Virtual Campus (MVC) powered by the location-based dynamic grouping algorithm has been designed to provide an innovative and interactive platform for online mobile learners by utilizing the location awareness and other built-in sensory components in mobile devices. On the platform, the mobile learners can learn collaboratively and interactively either at a distance or face-to-face in the mobile learning environment. Within the MVC, the mobile learners can share the learning experiences with their peers just like in a traditional classroom and experience together the location-based learning contents to enhance their learning. The instructors in the MVC can create location-based learning contents, assign location-based assignments, and evaluate student’s assignments in synchronous and asynchronous manners.
Start Date 2010-03-01
End Date 2010-08-31
Research Areas
adaptive learning systemcomputer-supported collaborative learninglocation-aware computing
mobile learningmobile technologiessocial computing
software architecturetechnology-enhanced learningwireless technologies
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