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Athabasca University

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Name: Virtual Programming Lab for Web-based Distance Education
Abstract     With the development of Web technologies and explosion of Web user population, Web-based distance education(WBDE) has gained its great popularity over the last few years. Experiences show that, however, computer programming courses are more difficult than other courses for students to study through WBDE. A primary investigation into the problem discovered that one of the difficulties in learning programming at a distance is caused by the absence of instant guidance and help when Virtual Programming Lab for Web-based Distance Education students have problems in their computer programs, as that can be provided in a real computer lab. This research is aimed to develop a virtual programming lab, through which students will be able to program in a specific programming language, and be able to get assistance and help from tutors and their peers as instant as in a real computer lab. If such a lab is implemented in our programming courses, especially the introductory ones such as our COMP266, COMP268 and COMP272, and pass rates of these courses can be improved.
Start Date 2010-04-01
End Date 2011-06-30
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