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Athabasca University

Project Information

Name: Mixed-Initiative Learning Environment
Abstract     This project targets a longitudinal, mixed-initiative learning environment, named MILE, which tracks online learners over longer academic terms, compiles models of learner competency, and uses the competency models to proactively offer feedback at opportune moments. It brings better transparency into the teacher-student relationship since along with the final product for each learning activity, it also tracks the processes and progressions learners followed to reach the final product. Further, we plan to integrate skills with formative factors on the developmental, social, and collaborative processes of that skill, thus continuously updating competency estimates.
Start Date 2010-01-01
End Date 2011-08-31
Research Areas
bayesian belief networksclusteringco-regulated learning
cognitive modellingdata miningimmersive systems
knowledge representation and reasoningknowledge tracingmachine learning
ontologiesrealtime feedbackself-regulated learning
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