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Name: Educational Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game For Teaching Youth Finance
Abstract     Much effort has been done to teach basic finances to people of all ages. While there is some success with most ages, the most opinions state that financial education begins with younger children. Research supports these opinions by showing that younger students are more willing and able to learn the basic lessons to be taught. In addition, individuals that learn young are less likely to make poor financial decisions that may affect them for many years. An advantage to teaching younger students is the number of options available for instruction. One very promising option under study is educational games. Research has shown that games can help motivate and keep student?s interest so they continue playing, increasing learning. The goal of this research project is to create a fun to play (massively) multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) capable of teaching younger students how to better manage their personal finances. There are four objectives: * Teach basic financial concepts that students will need to know later on in life; * Practice these concepts to see how they will affect their future; * Build a game that is both educational and entertaining; * Implement the solution using open source and free software. The game will be designed as an educational title with an attempt to balance both the entertainment and educational components. Entertainment content will be used to catch and keep students interested. Educational components will be used to simulate financial decisions a student will somwe day face in the real world. It will contain the following concepts: * The importance of a higher education and its effect on earning potential; * Getting a job and paying taxes; * The costs associated with living including rent, utilities, food, clothing, transportation and entertainment; * Obtaining and handling credit (loans, mortgages, credit cards) properly; * Protecting possessions with insurance; * Creating a budget and balancing a checkbook; * Saving for big purchases (house, car) and for retirement. The game will be created by using open source solutions, e.g. Opensim (i.e. virtual world server) and Linden Life Viewer (i.e. next version of Second Life viewer).
Start Date 2010-10-01
End Date 2011-03-31
Research Areas
computer game interfacese-educationentertainment computing
game-based learningimmersive systemsimpact (humans, work, organization, society, culture, international)
interactive technologies (visual, information display)realtime feedbackvirtual reality
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