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Athabasca University


Dr. Stella George

Assistant Professor - School of Computing and Information Systems


Toll-free Phone#: 1-833-249-0164

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PhD A Theory of Artificial Vision A Neural Network Implementation of the Perception of Shape. Computer Science, University of Exeter, UK.
PG Cert Teaching and Learning in Higher Education University of Hertfordshre
BSc (hons) Computing and Biology

Nottingham Trent University, UK.


Teaching Responsibilities


Academic Experience


Associate Director, Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business

 Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary.

Research Manager, Project Management Research institute Athabasca University.
Senior Lecturer, School of Informaiton Sciences University of Hertfordshire, UK

Research Profiles and Interests

  • Socio-ethical impacts of Ai 
  • Ai and adaptative technologies in education
  • Future of MOOCs
  • Ways of teaching and learning STEAM



Janice Thomas, Svetlana Cicmil and Stella George (2013) Project Management Implementation as Management Innovation: A Closer Look.  Project Management Institute. ISBN 978-1-62825-031-2


Janice Thomas and Stella George (2016) Mixed Methods in Project Management Research in Designs, Methods & Practices for Research of Project Management Eds Beverly L. Pasian, and Jakobus Smit. Gower Publishing.

Janice Thomas and Stella George (2016) Large Collaborative Research Teams in Designs, Methods & Practices for Research of Project Management Eds Beverly L. Pasian, and Jakobus Smit. Gower Publishing.

Janice Thomas, Stella George  and Svetlana Cicmil  (2014) Innovation in Project Management Implementations.  In ADVANCING RESEARCH ON PROJECTS AND TEMPORARY ORGANIZATIONS Eds Rolf A. Lundin and Markus Hällgren Copenhagen Business School Press. ISBN 978-87-630-0248-6

Janice Thomas, Stella George & Jenny Krahn (2009) The Shape of Project Management Research to Come. In David Cleland and Bopaya Bidanda Eds. Project Management Circa 2025. Project Management Institute. ISBN 978-1-933890-96-8

Ken Tabb, Neil Davey, Rod Adams & Stella George (2003) Detecting, Tracking & Classifying Human Movement using Active Contour Models and Neural Networks. Recent Advances in Intelligent Paradigms, Edited by A. Abraham & L. Jain. Physica-Verlag March 1st 2003 ISBN: 3790815381

Alistair Rust, Rod Adams, Stella George and Hamid Bolouri (2001) Towards Computational Neural systems Through Developmental Evolution. In S.Wermter, J.Austin and D.Willshaw Emergent Neural Computational Architectures based on Neuroscience, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany, March 2001


Thomas J.L, George, S., Rose, T. (2017) Deciphering value discourse’s role in explaining the persistent perception of change failure. Journal of Change Management.

Thomas, J.L., Cicmil, S. and George, S. (2012) Learning from Project Management Implementation by Applying a Management Innovation Lens Project Management Journal Vol. 43 (6).

Thomas, J.L., George, S. and Buckle-Henning, P. (2012) Re-Situating Expert Project Managers’ Praxis within Multiple Logics of Practice International Journal for Managing Projects In Business Vol. 5 (3).

Ken Tabb, Neil Davey, Rod Adams & Stella George (2002) The Recognition and Analysis of Animate Objects using Neural Networks and Active Contour Models. Neurocomputing 43 pp145-172.


Research Supervision



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