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Athabasca University


Dr. Qing (Ching) Tan

Associate Professor - School of Computing and Information Systems


Toll-free Phone#: 1-866-442-3221

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1995 - 1996 University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada Post-Doctor in Computer Science
1993 Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim, Norway Ph.D. in Engineering Cybernetics (Robotic Control) Department of Engineering Control
1981 North-West Polytechnic University, Xian, China B.Sc. in Gyroscope and Inertia Navigation Systems Aviation Automation Department

Teaching Responsibilities

Undergraduate Courses:

COMP 210: Information System and Computer Applications            Since 2009

COMP 266: Web Programming                                                         Since 2005

COMP 315: Advanced Operating Systems                                        2007-2009

COMP 409- Mobile Computing                                                        Since 2010

COMP 492- Data Models and the Semantic Web                              2008-2009


Graduate Courses

  • Comp 604 - Enterprise Computer Networks                        Since 2007
  • Comp 636 - Enabling Technologies for E-commerce           Since 2007
  • Comp 638 - Enterprise Modeling                                        Since 2011
  • Comp 656 - Cloud Computing                                            Since 2011

Academic Experience

  • Associate Professor          Athabasca University        07/12-present 
  • Assistant Professor          Athabasca University        12/09-06/12 
  • Academic Coordinator     Athabasca University         06/07-12/09     
  • Tutor                               Athabasca University       02/05-present  
  • Post-Doctor Fellow          University of Alberta          11/95-12/96       
  • Sen. Research Fellow       Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute          10/94 - 10/95
  • T&R Assistant                  Norwegian Institute of Technology      07/89 - 12/93     
  • 3 Visiting Professorships in Taiwan and China, during 1995-2011
  • Visiting Professor            Chengdu University          07/11 - Present

Industry Experience

Professional Profile

  • Strong Technical Skills include knowledge of varieties computer systems, operating systems, networking, programming languages, database, data communication standard, software development tools and environments, web development languages and tools, data analysis tools, and application system modeling.
  • Design specifications including performance expectations of application systems.
  • Evaluate existing procedures, recommend and implement modifications to achieve business objectives
  • Computer networking architecture design, development, and administration
  • Evaluation and design of varieties of video surveillance systems, and provide technical support of Digital Video Recorders, GPS assets management, and fleet management systems. Design, development, and Implementation of web-based security applications
  • Computer system integration for control, navigation, security, and land survey applications
  • Mathematic modeling of robotics kinematics and dynamics
  • Strong Analytical Skills including definition of computer systems and their parts, important system concepts, applying systematic thinking to Information systems, organizational knowledge, problem identification, and problem analyzing and solving.
  • Analyze production and client requirements and design and develop software applications to meet the requirements
  • Analyze products and client requirements to design and develop Information Management System, Online Business Transaction System, and other application software.
  • Business Analysis, Architecture Design, and System Integrations. Analyzing clients. businesses and requirements to provide optimal technical solutions, and to provide business solutions, to add new services to the clients and improve own infrastructure.
  • Experience with the full cycle of implementing computer networks, including system analysis, device evaluation, architecture design, development, performance and security assessment, upgrading, maintenance, administration, documentation, and policy development. Thorough knowledge of and experience with computer operating systems including hardware, Windows 2000, 2003 servers, windows clusters, windows active directory in a distributed environment, and Linux operating system and servers. Computer networking, client web hosting, data transfer, data storage and backup, and various centralized software applications.

Selected Industry Projects

  • Design and Build Large and High Secured and Redundant Computer Networks
  • Security Web Application Design, Development, and Host
  • Multi-Platform Video Surveillance System Design and Integration
  • Mobile and VoIP Application Design and Development
  • Centralized Alarm Responding and Dispatch Application Design and Development
  • IP Video Registration and Monitoring Web Application Design and Development
  • Design and Development of A Cellular Network Monitoring Software for Location Application
  • Real Estate Listing Web Application with Mobile Version Design and Development
  • Electronic Order Desk - E-commerce Web Application Design and Development

Awards and Achievements

Industrial Research Grant:

  • Mobile Multiplatform Adaptation $25,000 CND, 2008 - 2009


Government Grants:

  • Industry Canada: Knowledge Infrastructure Program $330,000 Canadian Dollar for Mobile Access to Support Learning (2010)
  • Canadian Foundation for Innovation $860,000 Canada Dollar for Open Social Mobile Systems for eLearning Research (OSMoSYS) (2010)



A&PDF Grants:

  • $1,400 Canadian Dollars for the IADIS e-Learning 2008 International Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July, 2008
  • $728 Canadian Dollars for IADIS Wireless Applications and Computing, Lisbon, Portugal, June, 2009
  • $1,400 Canadian Dollars for the 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Sousse, Tunisia, July, 2010


Mission Critic Research Grants:

  • $6,000 Canadian Dollar for iPhone Client Mobile Application Development of Mobile Virtual Campus System for Adaptive Mobile learning (March, 2010)
  • $5,958 Canadian Dollar for Cree Immersion and Moodle Learning Analytics - technology-enhanced guided learning experiences to improve aboriginal language learning progressions and performances (October, 2010

Research Profiles and Interests

  • Location-Based Adatpive Mobile Computing
  • Location-Based Collaborative Mobile Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Wireless Sensors Networks
  • Enterprise Computer Network Security
  • Security Information Management and Cyber Security
  • Robot Telepresence
  • Augmented Reality
  • Enterprise Modeling and Interoperability




  • William Chang and Qing Tan ?Augmented Reality System Design and Scenario Study for Location-based Adaptive Mobile Learning? published for the Proceeding of the 13th IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Hong Kong, China, December 11-13, 2010


  • Ashraf Darwish, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Qing Tan and Nikhil R. Pal "Securing Patients Medical Images and Authentication System Based on Public Key Infrastructure" Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, 2011, Volume 87, Soft Computing Models in Industrial and Environmental Applications, 6th International Conference SOCO 2011, Pages 27-34


  • Qing Tan, Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary, Khalid S. Hussien, and Ayman M. Fayoumi ?On the Design and Implementation of a New Adaptive Mobile Learning System using Latest Technologies of ICT? International Journal of Computer Science & Network Security, in Press.


  • Eric Lo and Qing Tan ?Design Principles For Facilitating Collaboration In Mobile Environments? To be published to the Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, 2010


  • Qing Tan, Kinshuk, Yu-Lin Jeng,  and Yueh-Min Huang ?A collaborative Mobile Virtual Campus System Based on Location-Based Dynamic Grouping? Submitted to The 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Sousse, Tunisia, July 5-7, 2010


  • William Chang, Qing Tan, and Fang Wei Tao ?Multi-Object Oriented Augmented Reality for Location-based Adaptive Mobile Learning? Submitted to The 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Sousse, Tunisia, July 5-7, 2010


  • Fang Wei Tao and Qing Tan ?Data Mining Platform for augmented Reality on Mobile Learning? Submitted to The 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Sousse, Tunisia, July 5-7, 2010


  • Yu-Lin Jeng, Ting-Ting Wu, Yueh-Min Huang, and Qing Tan (2009). ? The Add-on Impact of Mobile Application in Learning Strategies: A Review Study? Submitted to the Educational Technology & Society Journal 


  • Ricky Lin, Qing Tan, Kinshuk, Yueh-Min Huang(2010) ?Location-Based Knowledge Oriented Microblogging Framework, Architecture, and System for Mobile Learning?  accepted by WMUTE 2010


  • Qing Tan, Kinshuk, Yen-Hung Kuo, Yu-Lin Jeng, Po-Han Wu, Yueh-Min Huang, Tzu-Chien Liu, and Maiga Chang ?Location-Based Adaptive Mobile Learning Research Framework and Topics? Published in IEEE-CSE 2009, Vancouver, Canada, CES 2009.96 pp. 140-147


  • Tan, Q., Wu, P.-H., Jeng, Y.-L., Kinshuk, & Huang, Y.-M. (2009). Mobile Computing Architecture for Multi-Platform Adaptation. In Proceedings of IADIS Wireless Applications and Computing, Lisbon, Portugal: IADIS Press.


  • Qing Tan, Yu-Lin Jeng, Yueh-Min Huang, Kinshuk, Richard Johnstine,  ?Location-Based Dynamic Grouping Algorithm in Mobile Learning Environment? Submitted to the Journal of Education Technology, 2009


  • Tan, Q., & Kinshuk (2009). Client Mobile Software Design Principles for Mobile Learning Systems. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies, 3 (1), 32-37.


  • Yueh-Min Huang, Heng-Chin Huang, Yen-Hung Kuo, Tzu-Chien Liu, Qing Tan. ?PageRank based Reading Pattern Analysis for eDocument Summarization? , Submitted to the International Journal of Information Processing & Management


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  • Yen-Hung Kuo, Qing Tan, Kinshuk, Yueh-Min Huang, Tzu-Chien Liu, Maiga Chang, ?.Learning by Collaborative Creating of Authentic Examples?, In Proceeding of the ICCE Conference 2008, Taipei, R.O.C, 2008


  • Y.H. Kuo, Q. Tan, Kinshuk, Y.M. Huang, T.C. Liu, and M. Change. ?Collaborative Creation of Authentic Examples with Location for u-Learning,? In Proceedings of the IADIS e-Learning 2008 International Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2008


  • Sabine Graf, Kathryn MacCallum, Tzu-Chien Liu, Maiga Chang, Dunwei Wen, Qing Tan, Jon Dron Fuhua Lin, Rory McGreal, Kinshuk. ?An Infrastructure for Developing Pervasive Learning Environments,? In Proceedings of the 2008 Sixth Annual IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications, 2008, Hong Kong




  • 2009 Multi-Agent Architecture and Location-based Ubiquitous Learning Framework

Published in the book: Ubiquitous Multimedia Computing (tentatively) edited by Li, Shih, by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. ISBN 98-1-4200-9338-4


  • 2010 Technologies for Mobile and Wireless Adaptive E-Learning

Published to the book: Learning Oriented Technologies, Devices and Networks edited by A. Lazakidou and I.E. Emary Published by Lambert Academic Publishing ISBN: 978-3-8433-9000-2 Publication Year: 2011 in Germany



Research Supervision

MScIS Research

1.  (2007 ? 2008) Enterprise Architecture Framework Applications Towards Service Oriented Architecture

2.   (2007 ? 2008) Lean Agile Software Development The Toyota Way

3.    (2007- 2008) Best Practices - Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning Applications

4.    (2007 -2008) Analysis of Information Security Protocols

5.    (2007 ? 2008) Studies on Mobile Network Infrastructure and Services

6.    (2007 ?2009) Content Management Systems:  Features, Limitations, Issues and Integration

7.    (2007 ? 2008) Agent Based Approach to Interoperability

8.    (2007 ? 2008) An Intelligent Agent Based Approach To Intrusion Detection

9.     (2007 - 2008) Monitoring Network Traffic Characteristics to Improve security on Small Networks

10.   (2008 - 2009) Distributing Dynamic Information Over The Internet To Display Screens For Targeted

11.   (2008 -2009 ) MARTS ?Multi-Agent Based Regression Testing Suite

12.   (2009 - 2010) The Use of iPhone 3G as Speed Devices

13.  (2009-2010) Effective Web Application Attack Reconstruction Using Network   Recording

14.  (2010-2010) A qualitative and literary analysis into software engineering as a "value" creating activity for software development organization

15.  (2009- 2010) Managing System Security Patches in an Enterprise Network

16.  (2009 ? ) iPhone Based Paramedic Ambulatory Route Optimization

17.  (2009 - )  Enterprise Service Bus and Architecture

18.  (2009 -) Learning E-Commerce and Online Marketing on Training Platform

19.  (2010-) Wireless sensors Network for location-based mobile learning

20.  (2011 - ) Optimal Design and Implementation of Mobile Computing Architecture for Multiplatform Adaptation

21.  (2011 -) A Survey of Thermal Imaging Platforms and Recommended Applications for Wildfire Management Agencies

22.  (2011 - ) Data centre smart Design, Cloud Computing, and Pattern-based designs in hosting infrastructure



Visiting PhD Students Research

  • (2009-2010): Data Mining Platform for augmented Reality on Mobile Learning, Chongqing University, China.
  • (2009) Location-Based Knowledge Oriented Microblogging Framework, Architecture, and System for Mobile Learning, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, R. O. China.
  • (2008-2009):  Location-based Dynamic Grouping Algorithm for Supporting Mobile Virtual Campus in Collaborative Learning Environment, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, R. O. China.
  • (2008-2009): Mobile Computing Architecture for Multi-Platform Adaptation, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, R. O. China.
  • (2008): Learning by Collaborative Creating of Authentic Examples, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, R. O. China.



Post Doctor Fellow

  •  (2010-) Adaptivity and Personalization in Informatics



Recently Completed Projects

  • The Mobile Learning System for Location-Based Collaborative Creation of Authentic Example (2008)
  • The Mobile Virtual Campus System Powered by the Location-Based Dynamic Grouping Algorithm on Windows Mobile 5 &6 OS (2009)
  • The iCollaborator: An Synchronized Whiteboard on iPhone OS (2010)
  • The Mobile Virtual Campus System Powered by the Location-Based Dynamic Grouping Algorithm on iPhone OS (2010)
  • The TTLog: A J2ME Client Software for Truck Driver Logging (2008)
  • The Smart Test: A Mobile Application for Driver Road Test with Real Time Tracking and Monitoring (2009)
  •  The iMileage: An iPhone Application for logging Mileage and Route for Business Drives (2010)
  •  The Kusonga: An iPhone Application for Location-Based Instantly and Spontaneously Transaction (2010)
  • A Location-based Truck Video Data Collection System (2011)

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