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Athabasca University


Dr. Fuhua (Oscar) Lin

Professor - School of Computing and Information Systems


Secondary Email:

Toll-free Phone#: 1-866-539-8664

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Ph.D  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong, China, 1998 
MSc. South China University of Technology (SCUT), Guangzhou, China, 1992
BSc. SCUT, Guangzhou, China, 1982


Teaching Responsibilities

COMP 272 Data Structure and Algorithms
COMP 372 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 

COMP504  Object Structure and Programming

COMP 667 Multi-agent Systems
COMP 689 Advanced Distributed Systems

COMP683 Learning Analytics (W21)


Academic Experience

2007.10-present, Professor in Computing and Information Systems, Faculty of Science and Technology, Athabasca University
2016.01-2018.6, Associate Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies, Athabasca University
2010.7-2015.12,  Chair, School of Computing & Information Systems, Faculty of Science and Technology, Athabasca University
2000.10-2007.10, Associate Professor, School of Computing and Information Systems, Athabasca University, Canada
2000.1-2000.9, Assistant Research Officer, Network Computing Group, Institute for Information Technology, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
1998.7-1999.12, Postdoctoral Fellow, Intelligent Systems Group, University of Calgary, Canada
1994.9-1998.5, PhD Student/Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant, Virtual Reality Lab, Dept of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HK, China
1982.7-1994.8, Teaching Assistant/ Lecturer/ Associate Professor/ Software Lab Director, Applied Mathematics Department, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China


Professional Memberships

AI in Education (Member)
ACM  (Senior Member)
IEEE (Senior Member)
Educational Data Mining (Member)


Awards and Achievements

IEEE Outstanding Leadership Award, 2019 and 2018
Best paper award, the 11th IEEE International Conference on Cyber, Physical, and Social Computing (CPSCom-2018)
Best paper award, IEEE Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) conference, 2014
Craig Cunningham Mentoring and Teaching Excellence (CCMATE) Award, Athabasca University, 2012
Leaders Opportunity Fund Award, Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), 2009
Excellent Youth Teacher Award, Guangdong Province, P. R. China, 1994



Research Profiles and Interests

My current research interests focus on AI technologies for Constructing Online Adaptive Learning Environments which can provide personalized course materials and instant feedback to online learners.

Also, I have been working on machine learning algorithms in particular multiarmed bandits (MAB) for sequential decision making, and multiagent reinforcement learning. 



Journal Papers
  • Hongxin Yan, Fuhua Lin, Kinshuk, Including Learning Analytics in the Loop of Self-paced Online Course Learning Design, International Journal  of Artificial Intelligence in Education, 12, 2020
  • M. Ali Akber Dewan, Mahbub Murshed, Fuhua Lin, Engagement Detection in Online Learning: A Review, Journal of Smart Learning Environments, Springer (Open Access), January, 2019
  • M, Procter, F. Lin, B. Heller, Intelligent Intervention by Conversational Agent Through Chatlog Analysis, Journal of Smart Learning Environments, Springer (Open Access), Nov. 2018
  • Maiga Chang, Denis Lachance, Fuhua Lin, Farook Al-Shamali, Nian-Shing Chen, (2015), Enhancing Orbital Physics Learning Performance through a Hands-on Kinect Game, Education and Science. Vol 40 (2015) No 180 1-12
  • Bo Wu, Xiaokang Zhou, Qun Jin, Fuhua Lin, and Henry Leung, Analyzing of Social Roles Based on a Hierarchical Model and Data Mining for Collective Decision-Making Support, IEEE Systems Journal, PP, 99, 1-10, January, 2015.
  • Leung, S., S. Virwaney, F. Lin, AJ Armstrong, Adien Dubbelboer, TSI-enhanced Pedagogical Agents to Engage Learners in Virtual Worlds", International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, 11(1), 2013. 1-13. PDF
  • Nincic, V., Chang, M., & Lin F., dMLRid ñ An XML-Based Proof-of-Concept Mobile DRM Framework for Sharing Learning Contents among Mobile Networks, International Journal of Information and Electronics Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 2, March 2013, 180-184.
  • Y. Liu, C. Yang, Y. Yang, F. Lin, & X. Du, (2012), Case Learning for CBR-Based Collision Avoidance Systems, International Journal of Applied Intelligence (ISSN: 0924-669X). March, 36(2), 308-319
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  • Ty Mey Eap, Dragan Gašević, Kinshuk, Fuhua Lin, (2008). Personalized Mobile Learning Content Delivery: a Learner Centric Approach, Int. J. Mobile Learning and Organisation
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Conference Papers
  • John Mui, Fuhua Lin, Ali Dewan, Multiarmed Bandit Algorithms for Online Adaptive Learning: A Survey.  Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2021), Utrecht, The Netherlands, I. Roll et al. (Eds.): AIED 2021, LNAI 12749, pp. 273–278.
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Other publications 
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  • Lin, F. (2001). A Critique of Stephen Downes' Article, “Learning Objects”: A Chinese Perspective. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning. July, ISSN: 1492-3831, V2.1. 

Academic Activities

Co-GC, IEEE Cyber Science and Technology Congress 2020, 2021 and co-located conferences. 
Co-GC, IEEE Workshop on Adaptive Cyber Learning  2020, 2021
PC member, AI in Education, 2020, 2021
PC member, Intelligent Tutoring Systems 2020, 2021
PC member, ICCE 2021PC member, Canadian AI, 2021
PC member, The 1st International Workshop on "Distributed and Intelligent Systems" in conjunction with the 26th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2021), Sept. 5-8, 2021.


Research Supervision

PhD students

Wu Bo, Hongxin Yan

MSc IS Students:   

Mick Procter, Alex Solter, John Mui, Arta Farahmand, Philip Kirkbride, Jivko Hristov, Graham Lange, Saadat Khan,  Karen Stauffer, Matthew Nguyen, Anton Vassiliev, Marc Prince, Mark Bannan, Kalpesh Lad, William Chen (more to be listed)

Undergraduate Students

Michael Dupuis, Dan Qiao, Jack Huang, Dakota Soares, (more to be listed)

Research Associates

Solimul Chowdhury, Bill Huang  (more to be listed)


Current Projects

NSERC Discovery Grant (2021-2025): Eliciting Adaptive Sequences for Online Learning

Simulating Multi-armed Bandit Algorithms for Adaptive Formative Assessment (sponsored by MITACS, AU, 2020)

Interactive Auto-assessed Exercises (MITACS, GRI, 2017-present)


Recently Completed Projects

NSERC Discovery Grant (2003-2007) on Knowledge Modelling for Distributed Learning 
NSERC Discovery Grant (2008-2012) on Algorithms for Adaptive Learning Systems
CFI on (2009-2013) Multiagent Immersive Learning Environments
NSERC Engage (2011, co-PI) on  Intelligent Product Lifecycle Management
NSERC Engage (2016) Intelligent Resource Management and Well Scheduling with Encana Inc. 
ARF (2007, co-PI) Learner profile transformation in multi-platform environment 
ARF (2016, co-PI) Still-to-Video Face Recognition for Watch-List Screening

AU FST Research and Educational Showcase at Telus World of Science (May 3, 2014)


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