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Athabasca University


Dr. Mahmoud Abaza

Associate Professor - School of Computing and Information Systems


Phone#: 17809025155

Toll-free Phone#: 8665003019

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1988-1992         University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee                     USA

Ph.D Computer Engineering

1982-1984         Yarmouk Univeristy                                        Jordan

MSC Electrical Engineering-Computer

1975-1980         Tashkent Polytechnic Institute                          USSR

High Diploma (MSC)


Teaching Responsibilities

 COMP 315, COMP 318, COMP 374, and COMP 503


Academic Experience

1999-Now         Athabasca University                                    Canada

Associate Professor

1994-1999         University of United Arab Emirates                     UAE

Assistant Professor

1992-1994         Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan

Assistant Professor

1988-1992         University of Wisconsin                                     USA

Lecturer and Research Assistant

1984-1988         Yarmouk University and JUST                         Jordan


1983-1984         University of Illinois at Urbana-Chmpaign            USA

Visiting Research Associate


Consultant Experience

   ·   Medical Software: Developed an integral hardware/software system for a hospital attached to the Medical College of Wisconsin, Inc. The system tests human reaction to visible objects.

   ·   Real-time Software: Wrote a real time software to control running motors and acquiring data for Outboard Marine Company-USA.

      ·   Imaging : Wrote a driving software for a scanner  for Robert W. Bird Company-USA.

   ·   Assembly Language Programming and Microprocessors: Modified a graduate-level microprocessor installation for Yarmouk University .

   ·   System Management: Managed a VAX-750/VMS computer, in the University of Illinois.


Research Profiles and Interests

Distributed Operating Systems, Algorithms, Serious Games, and Computer Networks



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Research Supervision

Supervised a large number of Ms theses. Some of these  are :


  • Implementation of the contactless technology in banking     ATMs
  • The effect of machine virtualization on the environmental impact of desktop environments
  • Mobile Collaborative Information System using Distributed Database Architecture.
  • An investigation into, and implementation of, a low cost distributed parallel processing system to deliver scalable business benefits in high volume telephone call record costing for a small or medium sized enterprise
  •  Brining JINI to the Web.
  •  Wireless LAN application for Rural Access
  • PC & Computer Components Marketing & Services.
  •  Evaluation and design of a new Direct Numerical Control
  • Page Traffic Considerations in Distributed Virtual Memory Multicomputer Systems
  • On serious games.

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