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Athabasca University


- School of Computing and Information Systems


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Teaching Responsibilities

Graduate Courses:


Undergraduate Courses:



Academic Experience



Research Profiles and Interests

My genreal areas of research interest are Semantics-enabled Software and Requirements Engineering Technologies, Software Quality Engineering, Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation Techniques to Healthcare and Learning Domains.



Please see my publications page!


Research Supervision

  1. Dr. Marko Boskovic, Postdoctoral Fellow, Work: Families of Semantically-enabled SOA
  2. Mehdi Noorian, PhD Student, Work: Testing SOA Systems
  3. Simon Timms, MSc Student, thesis: Service-Oriented Product Lines
  4. Luis Rocha, MSc Student, thesis: Rule-Enhanced Business Process Modeling of SOA
  5. Simon Chandler, MSc Student, thesis:  rBPMN
  6. Buturab Rizvi, MSc Student, thesis: Agile software development
  7. Lisa Cox, MSc Student, project: Software Product Lines in Healthcare
  8. Alireza Ensan, Research Assistant, Testing Software Product Lines
  9. Mostafa Karami, Research Assistant, Personalization of Learning Content through Product Lines
  10. Weihong Song, Research Assistant, Semantic Web Technology for Modeling Radiology Reports
  11. Lei Wang, Research Assistant, Business Rule Modeling for Healthcare

Link to Personal Webpage

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