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Internship Opportunities to undergraduate Students

January 08, 2016

In summer 2016,  the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto will again offer research internship opportunities to undergraduate students from universities across Canada, this year in the form of the Undergraduate Summer Research Program (UGSRP), funded through the NSERC-USRAs.  UGSRP was created in 2011 in an effort to both grow our summer undergraduate research program and to create a richer, more diverse environment for both our students and faculty. 

UGSRP is a 16-week summer internship which pays students to work with one of our professors on a cutting-edge research project.  The value of the UGSRP internship is $6,000 (additional funding to cover housing expenses is available for qualified students).  Information about available projects and how to make an application is available here.

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