COMP 348 is designed to extend the students' knowledge and practice in analysis and design of computer networks by focusing itself on computer network programming. In addition, some advanced network topics including network security and multimedia computer network are introduced in this course. Java will be used throughout the course for programming. To be able to complete this course, a student should have both sufficient knowledge about computer networks, especially the Internet, and some good programming skills in Java.

COMP 348 consists of the following units:

  • Unit 0 Introduction to the course (H1)
  • Unit 1 Review of Computer Networks, the Internet and the World Wide Web (H2,3)
  • Unit 2 Review of Java Programming (H4,5)
  • Unit 3 Fundamental network operations in Java (H6,7,8,9)
  • Unit 4 Basic Socket Programming in Java (H10,11,13)
  • Unit 5 Security in Computer Networks (K7)
  • Unit 6 Advanced Socket Programming in Java (H12,14)
  • Unit 7 Multimedia networking(K6)
  • Unit 8 Handling URLs, protocols and contents of Web documents (H15, 16, 17)
  • Unit 9 Remote method invocation(H18)
  • Unit 10 Dealing with Email in Java (H19)

For more information, select the course syllabus link.

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