An ear-trainer applet that teaches students of music to identify intervals of the chromatic scale.


This Java applet displays a "hot area" (a small circle that lights up in yellow when the cursor is over it) for each of the 12 chromatic intervals of the octave. By clicking on a hot area you receive an audible sample of the corresponding interval.

Click on the large circle in the center to activate QUIZ mode. In QUIZ mode, a doughnut shape portion of the large circle is always lit up (either in yellow or in green). Click on the yellow doughnut to receive a "question", that is, to hear a randomly selected interval for you to identify. At this point the doughnut shape area changes its color to green indicating that the applet is waiting for your answer. You can "answer" the question by clicking on the hot area corresponding to the interval sounded by the applet. If your answer is correct, then the hot area lights up in green; otherwise it lights up in red. (In either case, the interval is sounded by the applet again.) While the applet is waiting for your answer, you may hear the "question" repeatedly, without penalty, by clicking on the green doughnut again and again. The program keeps running totals of the number of right and wrong answers and displays them in the upper left corner of the applet.

System Requirements

Author: Lewis Varga
Last Modified: May 30, 1998