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Athabasca University

Programs Overview

SCIS offers an opportunity for those who are interested in keeping up with ever-changing technology through both our undergraduate and graduate programs. For those who may only want to take a few courses, or if you are a visiting student from another University we do offer the opportunity to take individual courses.

Undergraduate programs of SCIS include:

The faculty and staff in SCIS know that computing is a broad field that extends well beyond the boundaries of computer science. We help students prepare for their careers by providing numerous courses in a variety of areas in IT. Some areas that students can specialize in are: System Administration, Web-based System Development, Java Programming, Game Programming, Multimedia Systems Development, Network and Information Security and Computer Science. For a full list of our specializations please visit When our students graduate they feel fully prepared to advance in their careers in this ever-changing field of technology. Our courses help them hone their skills in design, planning, developing, testing, diagnosing and implementing. Our grads are not only prepared for graduate studies at AU and other universities, they are also ready for jobs in the IT industry.

Graduate programs of SCIS include:

To meet the needs of today's employment market with talented people who have advanced knowledge for managing Information Systems at the masters level, AU's Master of Science (Information Systems) program is designed to prepare individuals for careers in corporations, teaching, and research. The curriculum is based on the MSIS 2006 Model Curriculum. In particular, our curriculum emphasizes the tie between Information Systems and other disciplines such as Computer Science, Software Engineering and the applications in enterprise, commerce, education, heath, and government.


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