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Athabasca University

How We Deliver Courses?

Undergraduate courses in SCIS are delivered in an un-paced mode, whereas graduate courses are delivered in a paced and un-paced mode depending on the course selected. Both types of courses use an independent individualized study mode for "integration components", using distance education instructional design principles and enabling web-based technologies. Students are expected to use computer-mediated communications for the following purposes:

  • student-instructor and student-to-student interactions in online conferences;
  • electronic mail, both within and outside the course structure;
  • various file transfers, file attachments and feedback between instructor and students and between students working on joint projects; and,
  • accessing web-based resources such as electronic databases (the Athabasca University Library maintains subscriptions to major digital resources in the field, including ACM and IEEE digital libraries, Springer publications, and Web of Science meta-index).

This mode of instruction enables access to educational opportunities in flexible ways so that students may achieve both the program goals and their personal and professional aspirations. The online delivery of the undergraduate and graduate programs allows students to develop professional skills while continuing to work.

SCIS uses Moodle as the Learning Management System.

For some of the SCIS courses, all of the course material is online however, some courses do require us to ship the course materials to you. Learn more.

Updated June 10 2014 by FST Technical Staff

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