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Athabasca University

You will need skills in using Internet browsers and computer-mediated communications (CMC) to complete all SCIS courses. If you require a brief tutorial, go to Using the Internet. Before you begin working on your course, you should become familiar with the general course information linked to the course materials site (such as the 'Welcome' document and the link to the syllabus.)

All SCIS course materials are accessed through myAU, with links to your courses in the SCIS Moodle Learning Management System. Information regarding accessing and using course materials is available from Accessing Course Materials.

The suggested study schedule for the course is included in the Moodle weekly topics of your course. This schedule is intended to provide guidance on the sequence and timing of your course activities. It is not expected that every student will adhere strictly to this schedule, and in fact many will complete the course in less, or more time than suggested. Each weekly topic includes links to the study guide, assignments, quizzes, forums, and any other relevant information.

The study guide contains the learning objectives, readings, exercises, and other information related to the course content and the textbook. It is recommended that you thoroughly read each unit and section in the study guide in order to best complete your course. You have the option of reading the study guide content online, or downloading it in PDF or HTML format for viewing offline. The downloadable study guide files are located on the 'Study Guide Contents' page of every course study guide.

If you have any problems with accessing the course materials online, please contact the FST Technical Team.

Updated March 26 2019 by FST Technical Staff

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