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Athabasca University

Are You Ready to Start a SCIS Program or Course?

Athabasca University is an Open University and there are no prerequisites for enrolling into our undergraduate programs. However, to ensure success in an SCIS program, you should be certain that you have a basic understanding of computers, as well as, reasonable skills in mathematics. The following steps will assist you in determining your readiness to begin the introductory computing and information systems course (COMP 200 - Introduction to Computing and Information Systems).

First, read the information regarding the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and personal qualities you require to be successful, before starting an online Computing and Information Systems course, at "Are You Ready to Take a SCIS Course?"

Next, take the following two quizzes which test your computer literacy and math skills:

Once you submit each quiz, there is a contact link available. Please use this link if you wish to discuss with an Advisor the results of the quiz and what steps you might need to take to prepare for a computing and information systems program or course.

Updated October 15 2015 by FST Technical Staff

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