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COMP 495/496 Project Manual


COMP 495 and COMP 496 are two 3-credit courses designed to allow you to demonstrate the skills you have learned in an application area of your own choosing. You may be allowed to take both COMP 495 and COMP 496 only when the proposed project for COMP 495 is too big for a single 3-credit course, in which case the big project must be clearly cut into two separate smaller projects.

All projects must include a research component, even if the focus is on developing an applied system.  You may apply to work in a group as long as the individual roles and assessments are clearly defined. You may also work on a team with members from other universities in Canada or around the world on an undergraduate capstone open source project organized by UCOSP (, but again, the individual roles and assessment criteria must be clearly defined in the project proposal, and the project must be supervised by an SCIS academic or a qualified IT professional approved by the course coordinator.

As you work through the course, you will complete the following tasks, in the order given:

  1. Apply for registration in COMP 495/496 by contacting the course coordinator with the appropriate information, including a draft proposal. On confirmation of registration, you will have access to the online course site.
  2. Read this Project Manual and share the Project Manual with the project supervisor.
  3. Working with the project supervisor, develop a detailed project proposal.
  4. Submit the project proposal to the course coordinator for approval. Once approved, the project proposal will serve as the learning contract between you, the supervisor and the University.
  5. Complete the project under the supervision of the project supervisor.