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Challenging COMP 200/210

For the challenge for credit registration you must complete a challenge project (50%) and an  final exam (50%). 

 Here are the steps to follow if you are interested in challenging COMP 200 and/or 210:

  1. Read the syllabus for COMP 200: Introduction to Computing and Information Systems or the syllabus for 210: Introduction to Information Systems and Computer Applications. The syllabus contains a separate section on Challenge for Credit Course overview and Challenge Evaluation.
  2. Read the Challenge for Credit information in the undergraduate calendar. 
  3. Contact the course coordinator to obtain permission to challenge the course. 
  4. Complete the Challenge for Credit Application. You will also schedule the exam at this time. (Note: Under the choice for "The evaluation method for challenging this course is:", select "exam-based". The instructions for obtaining the project are below.
  5. E-mail the SCIS contact person to make arrangements to obtain the filename and password to download the Challenge Project.  You will have 3 months to complete the software project and write the final exam. MS Access is required to complete the project. It is up to the student to verify by email or phone that the marker has received your project files within 2 days of first sending them. 
  6. Download the file from the Download Access Page.
  7. The exam is based on the online textbook only, and does not test hands-on skills. It consists of 50 multiple choice questions, distributed evenly over the course content.

The project should be sent to the course coordinator.

When submitting your project, if you have not received confirmation that your project has been received by the marker within 2 working days, you should assume it has not been received and resubmit immediately. You must receive confirmation that the project was received before the project can be regarded as submitted.

Updated December 07 2015 by FST Technical Staff

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