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Name: Test Case Generation for Service Oriented Architectures
Abstract     In this industrial collaboration project, we are interested in providing the industrial partner with the required scientific knowledge that is required to align its current quality assurance practices, which is only suited towards analyzing monolithic object-oriented programs, with the emerging SOA-based applications such as building software through third-party Web services or COTS components. Our main research goal in this research project is to determine the role of and potential strategies for service testing in the context of business process-based development of service-oriented systems. This research direction is of high importance for the industrial partner in that they are interested in the provisioning of quality in service-oriented systems in tasks related to the integration of business information systems. The anticipated outcomes of this six-month project are: 1) Evaluating and critiquing the available tools for quality assurance in SOA, and developing suitable specifications for appropriate quality assurance tools; 2) Analysis of possible patterns in service-oriented business process integration and specification of needs for software test case generation; 3) Generating test cases from process models by using model checking; 4) Generating tests from constraints found in data models; 5) Training of at least two graduate students and one undergraduate student in the general area of quality assurance for software-oriented architectures.
Start Date 2010-06-01
End Date 2010-11-30
Research Areas
model-driven architecture and developmentquality management - testingservice-oriented architectures
software architecturevalidationverification
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