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Project Information

Name: OsMoSyS
Abstract     Open Social Mobile Systems (OSMoSYS) for eLearning Research proposes to build a research infrastructure to stimulate and observe interaction patterns between and among humans and devices in an electronic learning ecosystem of content objects, mobile devices, semantic web services and other intelligent agents. The infrastructure will make it possible for mobile learning researchers to create, capture and index content in the mobile context, to analyze the effectiveness of mobile learning activities, social networking systems and ubiquitous technologies that trigger proximity based interactions.
Start Date 2010-10-01
End Date 2012-12-01
Research Areas
adaptive learning systemblogsco-regulated learning
computer-supported cooperative workdigital librariese-education
e-learninge-portfoliohuman-based issues (perception, cognition, affect)
impact (humans, work, organization, society, culture, international)interactive technologies (visual, information display)mixed initiatives
mobile and ubiquitous computingmobile learningmobile technologies
ontologiespersonalizationself-regulated learning
semantic websemantic websemi- and unstructured data
social computingsocial computingsocial media
social networkstechnology-enhanced learningthe participants and their roles (end user, IS professional)
user adaptive interactionwikiswireless technologies
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Faculty Researcher(s)

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