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COMP 495/496 Project Manual

Part 2: Project Report

The project report is to be written in a standard format acceptable for the nature of the project, including use of an appropriate reference documentation style such as APA, IEEE, or ACM. It should be about 3000 to 5000 words long; it should summarize the project goals, methods/design, design rationale, implementation, results; and provide a discussion including an assessment. For assessment purposes, you need to design an evaluation of your project that you can carry out on your own. Justify the use of your particular evaluation strategy. Your report must be submitted in .doc, .rtf, or other standard format.

Guidelines for Marking Part 2

The dimensions for assigning marks in order of weight are as follows:

  1. Comprehensiveness—does it cover the elements outlined above?
  2. Organization—is it a well-organized report with a strong internal logic?
  3. Readability—is it easy to follow without unnecessarily complex and wordy sentences?
  4. Examples—does it exhibit appropriate use of examples, illustrations, and samples (e.g., lists of classes, screen captures)?
  5. Grammar and mechanics—does it follow correct verb agreement, punctuation, spelling, etc.?