COMP 495/496 Project Manual

Part 1: Project Proposal

Once you have started in the course, you need to work with your project supervisor to develop a full proposal for the project based on the approved draft. You will need to expand or refine what you already have in the draft, making changes or adding more detail under the direction of your project supervisor.

The full proposal should be about 2000 to 4000 words long. It should include the following:

The final version of the full proposal must be submitted and approved by the project supervisor before you can actually work on the project. The project proposal will serve as a learning contract between you, the supervisor, and the course coordinator on behalf of the University.

Guidelines for Marking Part 1


The proposal will be marked out of 100 points based on the following criteria:

Project concept (5 points)
Problem definition/needs analysis/literature review/environmental scan including the following elements (25 points)

Preliminary design (40 points)
Planned look and feel (10 points)
Milestones and timelines (5 points)
Suggested evaluation criteria (5 points)
Correct structure of proposal (5 points)
Readability (5 points)

These are general guidelines for proposal marking. The nature of the project may require modification to these guidelines. That will be negotiated prior to submission of the proposal.

Note that the point weights given in parentheses are approximate and may vary. For instance, if a project is totally unreadable or presented in an unacceptable format, the weight for readability would be much higher.