COMP 495/496 Project Manual

Schedule, Methodology, Report, Evaluation

Approximately every 2 weeks, you will produce a brief progress report, indicating where you (or your team) are on the schedule and recommending milestones for the next 4-week period. This report will be reviewed by the host site and the project supervisor. Changes to tasks and milestones will be negotiated as necessary. Project methodologies, reporting structures, and contents will be agreed upon in consultation with the individual sites. These factors will vary from site to site, reflecting the different projects and site practices.

Teams, or individuals when working alone, will retain a record of activities and progress, detailed to include meetings with the users, discussions with the project supervisor, agreements, time spent, etc. On receiving a completed project, the project supervisor will submit an evaluation and grade, based on the grading guidelines, to the course coordinator for review, discussion, and acceptance.

You will probably want to include at least the following elements in your project schedule:

  1. Rough four-week scheduling and milestones with 30- to 40-hour per team check points.
  2. Bi-weekly progress reports with revised milestones.
  3. Formal project presentation.