COMP 495/496 Project Manual

Draft Project Proposal and Course Registration

Along with evidence that you have completed all the credits necessary to take COMP 495/496, you will submit a draft project proposal to the course professor before final registration in the course can be approved. This will include a description of your academic record and work experience. It should also include a statement from the proposed project supervisor, if the proposed supervisor is from outside of SCIS faculty, outlining her or his qualifications and willingness to work with you.

The project can be part of your own work duties, a special project for an employer, or a project suggested by a professor, but the work must be new and yet to be completed through the course of study. For students in the BSc-CIS or BSc-CIS (Post Diploma) program, the project can be more academic-oriented research or an applied project towards the development of an applied information system. For students in the BA-IS major or other related programs, the project can be towards the analysis and design of an information system with minimal or no implementation.

In any case, the draft project proposal must include a well-worded description of the project and must also explain the rationale, the objectives, and the importance of the project. The draft proposal should be around 1200 words long, and where necessary, should include a brief literature review with references. The project must consist of new work to be done by you during the course. The draft proposal may need to be revised or even completely rewritten to ensure the suitability of the project for the course.